Blue Shed Gardens

Heirloom Plant Collections

Our heirloom plant collections here at Blue Shed Gardens are similar to a CSA for gardeners! By purchasing a plant collection you get the best of what we have available that fits into that plant group. The collections are grouped based on the season in which the plants are planted and grown. This is to help gardeners with an easy way to fill their gardens with some of the best heirloom vegetable and herb selections available!


3 Season Vegetable Collection:

Spring Greens, Summer Tomatoes, Summer Peppers, Squash Collection, and Fall Greens

Large: 3 Flats of Greens, 24 Tomatoes, 12 Peppers, 12 Cucurbits, 3 Flats of Greens – $271

Medium: 2 Flats of Greens, 12 Tomatoes, 6 Peppers, 6 Cucurbits, 2 Flats of Greens – $166

Small: 1 Flats of Greens, 6 Tomatoes, 3 Peppers, 3 Cucurbits, 1 Flats of Greens – $88


Summer Vegetable Collection:

Large: 24 Tomatoes, 12 Peppers, 12 Cucurbits, 12 Mixed – $185

Medium: 12 Tomatoes, 6 Peppers, 6 Cucurbits, 6 Mixed – $100

Small: 6 Tomatoes, 3 Peppers, 3 Cucurbits, 3 Mixed – $54


Extra Greens

Extra flats with 32 cells of greens (4 – 8 packs) are $23 each.


Extra Extra!

Our extra selections are 12 of the best plants we have available. They might be of any kind but we will mix them so that you have a good variety of vegetables for your summer garden. $40


The Herb Gardener Collection

Herbs make great companion plants for the vegetable garden. Here you will find a collection of some of the most useful culinary herbs for your garden.

Large: 24 Herb Plants – $74

Medium: 18 Herb Plants – $60

Small: 12 Herb Plants – $43


Flats of Greens contain cell packs with 4 8-cell packs made from biodegradable coconut (coir). Selections of greens may include chard, lettuce, kale, spinach, or other seasonal greens.

All other plants will be in biodegradable coconut pots perfect for easy planting. The coconut pots (coir) take 2 seasons to degrade completely and are completely porous for good root growth.

Cucurbits include cucumbers, squash and melons. We will lean heavily on picking cucumbers and squash for this category as melons generally take up a lot of space. Please let us know if you would like melons to be included in your order. We can make no guarantees of availability but we will try to accommodate you if possible!

Mixed selections may include eggplant, specialty peppers, melons, cucumbers, herbs, tomatoes, or any other tasty selection we have available!

Please Read this section! It’s Important! Really…it is!

Due to the seasonable nature of these plants not all can be planted at the same time. The spring greens will be available earlier than the summer vegetables followed by the fall vegetables. Spring greens can be planted before the last frost date but summer vegetables must be planted after the last frost date which is usually around April 15th in Middle Tennessee. Our pick-up dates will be announced later but will follow this basic schedule. Please do not request your plants early. We time seed sowing with the last frost date in mind and plants don’t simply grow when you tell them to! (Yes I have tried!) For summer gardens planting anytime between April 15th and May 30th will give you plenty of growing time in Tennessee for a great harvest.